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We can help you organize your Algarve dream wedding.

All of our Algarve wedding services are found in this chapter. The Algarve, in southern Portugal, is one of the most romantic and attractive venues to hold your dream wedding. Its stunning scenery of golden cliffs, infinite beaches of fine sand, turquoise oceans, and intense blue sky, ancient and rustic country homes, lovely whitewashed villages, and quiet churches tucked between the mountains are without a doubt the ideal location for your wedding. Allow yourself to be fascinated by beautiful location, which will exceed your expectations and pleasantly surprise your visitors. With our assistance, your wedding will not only have the nicest location of all, but you will also have the experience and professionalism of a staff that exclusively aims to fulfill your goals. All of our wedding services are available here, and will be personalized to your specific needs.

Legal Assistance 

Getting married necessitates some paperwork. If you plan to marry in the Algarve, you will have to consider rules and regulations that you are likely unfamiliar with. Don’t worry, our skilled staff will walk you through this legal quagmire and make things easy for you!

Wedding Venue

The Algarve is a unique region that offers so many options, including the stunning Atlantic coast, mountains, vineyards and famous golf courses to the west and south. Whether you’re searching for a beach venue, cliff top venue, mountain venue, golf venue or vineyard event, you’ll find it here. We are confident you will discover what you’re searching for if you browse all of our wedding venues.


We only cooperate with the top caterers in the Algarve, and we’ll make sure that everything is prepared to your preferences and using the finest products. You choose whether you want a menu that features regional or more international food, a large feast with cutting-edge fare, or perhaps something more rustic. Please describe your concept to us, and we will locate it.

Photographers & Filmmakers

Your wedding will undoubtedly be a memorable occasion for you. You can rely on us to discover the top photographers and filmmakers with the greatest tools and skills to capture your special day forever and help you remember every last detail. We can also handle the final picture album, whether it be printed or digital. The outcome will be fantastic, we guarantee it!
We recommend to check out Olga Rosi Photography to capture you wedding day photos and Algarve Pictures Production for your wedding videography.

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Get In Touch

When getting in touch it is useful to include:

Venues in which you are interested

Specific or approximate dates

Estimated number of guests

Any additional information you believe is relevant

Forms on specific venue webpages can also be used.

Wedding Venues

Vau Steakhouse

Vau Steakhouse

Vau Steakhouse, located on the cliffs of one of the Algarve's most beautiful beaches, is a...

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